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The List of Iconic Super Mario Brothers Characters

For more than 30 years in the video game industry, the Super Mario Franchise has become the best-selling video games of all time.  Debuted in the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong as Jumpman, Mario, the mustachioed Italian-American plumber since then has come a long way and has made a lot of series of games to his name and has become the most iconic video game character of all-time.  Let’s go back and take a look at the list of main Super Mario Brothers characters from its early days.


The Main Super Mario Brothers Characters


  1. Mario.  First known as Jumpman but was soon renamed as Mario in 1982 in the Donkey Kong sequel. Mario, the iconic and most popular video game character of all time is portrayed as an Italian-American plumber. But he’s rather busy fighting creatures coming from the pipelines and sewers, saving princesses and the world instead of being a plumber.


  1. Luigi.  One of the original Super Mario Brothers Characters, Luigi is Mario’s brother who can easily be identified with his iconic green outfit and first appeared in the 1983 video game Mario Bros. Luigi, is also a plumber and just like his brother, he would rather fight strange creatures than doing what plumbers have to do.  Luigi is also the official Player number 2 of the earlier series of Super Mario Bros. games.


  1. Princess Peach.  Formerly known as Princess Toadstool and later changed to Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom. Saving her from the hands of Bowser, the King Koopa is the main goal of our protagonist, Mario. And to do just that, Mario has to beat him at every castle in all of the Mushroom Kingdom.


  1. Toad.  A Citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom, and one of the Super Mario Brothers characters, is a loyal servant to Princess Peach with the main objective of helping the Mario bros defeat the enemies in the Mushroom Kingdom. Toad is usually a non-player character (NPC) from the earlier version of the franchise but he then later starred as the sole protagonist in the game Wario’s Woods and has been featured in a lot of other Mario games platform.


  1. Goombas.  They used to live in the Mushroom Kingdom peacefully, but a large number of them joined King Koopas’ Army then they became one of the common enemies in the entire Super Mario Franchise.  Goombas are also one of the iconic Super Mario Brothers characters. They resemble a small, brown and slow moving mushroom that doesn’t pose a real threat to Mario and Luigi and can simply be crushed even with just a stomp.


  1. Koopas.  Featured in almost every Super Mario video games, these turtle-looking creatures are also one of the most common enemies in the games. There are different types of Koopas and the most common of its kind is the Koopa Troopas.


  1. Bowser.  Also known as King Koopa, is a giant spiked turtle that breathes fire and is the main antagonist in the Super Mario Brothers characters list.  He invaded the mushroom kingdom and he’s there at the end of every castle stage where you have to fight and beat him in order to save the princesses he kidnaps and to regain the power over the Mushroom Kingdom.


Yoshi.  Yoshi is part of the original plan for the first Mario Bros game in 1983, but due to the limitations in technology, he was sidelined. However, he instantly became one of the most popular Super Mario Brothers characters when Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was released and Yoshi, the green dragon first appeared in the Super Mario World in 1990 as a reliable companion of Mario and Luigi.



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